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A podcast about iOS Development from three iOS Developers based in Cincinnati, OH

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    150: 20/20 Finger Yoga

    New hardware and new versions of iOS were released so its time for our annual N-1 WWDC recap.

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    147: Illegitimate Developer

    The guys talk about the new Macbook Pros, the latest betas, and source control/pull request management. Then for fun, they discuss various coding conventions.

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    139: Klingon Keyboard Cryptocurrency Profits

    It wouldn't be SharedInstance if they didn't talk about emoji at all. There's not too much news, so Sam puts on his tinfoil hat, Argo comes up with a totally unoriginal get-rich-quick scheme, and Alex tells us about an intriguing App architecture book.

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    133: Non Javascript-ey Cross Platform Solution

    First, Alex and Sam convince Argo that Kotlin has more promise than he thought. After that the guys discuss the latest round of news on App Store templates and "Design Spam" rejections. Finally, everyone revisits their 2017 goals they set at the beginning of the year.

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    131: You Have to Know the Rules Before You Can Break Them

    Argo complains about people conflating the App Store Review and Human Interface Guidelines, and then the whole gang discuss whether there is much ado about iOS app architecture. They also discuss some of the tradeoffs between emergent design and having a common architecture in different type of shops.

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    129: It's All Bitcoin Now Anyways

    The guys discuss iPhone X preparations, questionable investing advice, and Argo talks a little bit about a lecture he recently attended by Steve Wozniak.

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    125: Codable + JSON = Awesome

    The guys talk about the new goodies they received from Apple and then discuss the Codable protocol and JSON Parsing in Swift 4.

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    124: Notchville

    Fun talk about the preorders last week and what to do about that notch.

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    123: Maximum Dad Joke

    The guys react to the Fall 2017 iPhone event and then discuss what you're going to have to do in order to update your apps for the iPhone X.

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    122: Basically Just Sticker Packs

    The guys do their yearly WWDC N-1 episode to remind us all what APIs/technologies you can now use if you drop support for the now 2-yeard old OS.

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    120: Oreo Eclipses

    All the news that's fit to talk about and some that isn't.

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    119: Fear of Small Holes

    The guys discuss the latest news, speculate on how iOS 11 will handle / support the new iPhone screen size / function area, and talk about the upcoming US eclipse.

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    118: SharedInstance Memo

    Conversations about the latest apple news and the infamous Google Memo.

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    117: Your Data Is Showing

    The guys talk about the recent HomePod firmware leak and dig into whether your should use a hamburger menu in your app.

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    116: You Don't Know What a Squircle Is?

    The guys discuss some of Sam's hardware woes, how the iOS 11 release is slowly creeping up on us, and talk about some other stuff too.

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    113: WWDC Was About the Details

    The guys talk about some new hardware, including the new iPad Pros, and wander through a bunch of other topics.

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    110: Hardware of WWDC

    Could this be the year that the number of hardware announcements outweigh the software announcements?

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    109: So Jealous of Android People

    The guys react to Google I/O '17 news, Argo rambles for a while on Mobile VR, and they continue on with some more WWDC Wishlist/Predictions.

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    107: Taylor Swift Isn't Even In The Top 6

    The guys chat a bit about the timing to making apps in relation to WWDC, how to Google for programming languages, and some other news of note.

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    105: New and Improved Review Terrorists

    The discuss some news, talk about some newly invigorated review terrorists, and then remind you all of things that you are forgetting to test in your mobile apps.

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    101: Accessibility

    The guys discuss some news and then talk about accessibility.

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    100: Snowflake Retrospective

    It's our 100th episode and we reflect back on our tenure and debate how much further we should take the show.

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    99: Attack of the Chaos Monkey

    The guys discuss their Nintendo Switches, the S3 outage as it related to many apps, and started their "Production App Checklist" by talking about crash logging with a rather ironic finish.

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    98: Lord of the Realm Mobile Platform

    Ok maybe he isn't a lord yet but he is our special guest. Eric Maxwell from Realm gives us the low down on Realm and a new offering called Realm Mobile Platform.

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    95: An Arm Full of Band-Aids

    The guys talk about the news and discuss React Native after Artsy posted a few retrospective pieces on using it for their iOS app.

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    93: iOS App Architecture - The Tip of Iceberg

    The guys discuss Chris Lattner's awesome interview on, talk about Google acquiring Fabric from Twitter, and talk about some common iOS view-level architectures.

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    92: Buy Sell Hold '17

    In this episode we sit down and chat about the mobile technology that we think is emerging and the tech that is submerging.

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    90: 2016 Followup

    We had a great time revisiting our first episode of the year in which we predicted what awaited us in 2016. Sometimes we were accurate other times not so much.

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    89: My Watch Called 911 Not Me

    The guys talk about the the latest OS updates, dealing with dependencies old and new, and automated functional testing, and iOS project templates. Also, Sam accidentally calls 911.

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    88: The late edition

    Sorry for the late release. It's been crazy hectic this week.

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    87: The Brexit of Utilities

    The guys discuss Apple taking a step away from certain things (automation, displays, routers), the latest developer news, and try to figure how to cut the cord with a good cable replacement service.

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    85: Language Smells

    The guys avoid talking about the latest election results by discussing the latest in Apple developer news and migrating to Swift 3.

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    84: Touchbars for Touch Typists

    A quick round up of the latest news developments and discussion of the new MacBook Pro and how to program for the Touchbar.

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    81: It's Still Not Jarvis

    The guys talk about search ads, Google's Pixel Event, voice assistants and the controversy over Dash being removed from the app store.

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    77: The Double Tool Look

    The guys talk about the recent Apple event and discuss the latest shift in Overcast podcast player business model along with general discussion on ads and in-app subscriptions.

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    76: Stackviews All the Way Down

    Brought to you early this week so that you can listen to something while waiting for the next iPhone announcement.

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    72: One Big Firehose of Pain

    The guys talk about the happenings in the iOS world and Sam laments having to uglify some code in the name of analytics.

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    70: Take 2

    Last week's episode had some technical difficulties but we managed to stop playing Pokemon Go long enough to record this episode for your listening pleasure.

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    69: Listener Feedback Episode

    We discuss various feedback topics including the continuing Spotify saga plus how we do various project management tasks and lastly Alex is going rogue.

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    67: Our "Number One Request" for Xcode

    The guys talk about Xcode Source Editor Extensions, mourn the loss of Alfred, and talk about other things Apple has 'Sherlocked'.

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    64: Inessential Swift?

    To be dynamic or to be static. Swift, you're not the life blood of the party. You need to be more dynamic like you're brother Obj-C

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    63: Hitting the YOLO Button

    The guys talk about Google IO and related topics, what did/didn't make it into Swift 3, awesome new app review times, and dealing with work/life balance.

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    62: Robots like Ice Cream

    Natasha the Robot tells us about being a digital nomad and her September conference try! Swift in New York City.

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    60: To die on Mars

    The gang pontificates on the AppleTV and AppleWatch 6 months and 1 year in.

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    59: Any Sleazier Than It Has To Be

    The guys talk about going to WWDC and the lottery. They also hit on some of the latest news, include Apple Watch future requirements and paid search.

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    57: Waiting for the Dust to Settle

    The guys talk about Reactive vs Traditional programming and also discuss the latest in Apple developer-ish news.

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    56: RxSwift is Job Security

    Continuing the new format with news and a main topic. This week RxSwift. Don't forget the survey.

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    55: Dependency Manager as a Dependency

    The guys switch things up a little bit and talk a bit about the latest news and then dig into a discussion on dependencies.

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    iPad Mini Mega Micro Max

    The crew talks the latest in named function parameters in Swift, the state of the Mac/iOS App Stores, and speculate about the upcoming March Apple event.

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    What the FRP!?

    Lots of fun news this week.

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    They Could Have Had a Little Better Domain Name

    The guys give an update on their usage of tvOS and discuss the current state of the OS. They also touch on Microsoft acquiring Xamarin, stumble through some react native stuff, and talk about IBM and their swift contributions.

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    Is There Any Way I Can Just Give You Money?

    The gang talks a little more about Parse and some newish continuous integration tools, and how to get your apps out to users to test. We'll be back next week after our apps are all done 'processing'.

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    It's Reasonably OK

    It's our 1 year anniversary 1 week late. Lot's of good topics in this episode ranging from RxSwift vs ReactiveCocoa to the new JSON parsing library from Big Nerd Ranch

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    It's Like Y2K Except for Mobile Apps

    All of the guys were/will be at least briefly affected by the looming Parse shutdown. They discuss the shutdown itself, and what to do in the future for apps that need a backend / apps that need to be migrated off of Parse.

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    Parsing... SOAP in Swift?

    The guys discuss all the recent news around iAd and iOS 9.3 and then interview special guest Josh Brown of Roadfire Software about his new book 'Parsing JSON in Swift'

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    Come Chat with Us

    Announcing the new SharedInstance Slack. Alex makes an iOS conference list and more.

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    Reactive Cocoa is the New Struts

    The guys discuss some of the news and tips and tricks that happened over their break, and discuss their tech resolutions for 2016. They also play a game of Buy/Sell/Hold with Apple developer tech.

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    Merry Swiftmas

    The guys talk some more about recent Swift news and put a bow on the podcast for this year.

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    All I want for Christmas is a ... Cow?

    It's the end of the year, a time of giving. The guys talk about what's on their list of things they would like some gadgety and some not so gadgety including a cow for Sam, sort of.

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    The Elephant in the Room

    The guys talk about the elephant(s) in the room: including odd Apple product launches, the iPad Pro, MASpocalype, and also some updates to iTunes Connect.

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    To Vendor or Not to Vendor

    The guys talk about their experience building an app over the weekend and some of the technical decisions/challenges that they had to face.

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    Not a T-Rex

    Sorry for the tardiness in getting this one out the door. It's been a hard week.

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    Free Yourself from the Chains of the Podcasts App

    In a slow news week, the guys talk AppleTV NDAs, USB Type C cables, Amazon/AppleTV, and the El Capitan's consequences, and lament the state of Apple's audio-based apps (Podcasts/Audiobooks/Music)

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    Don't Force Touch That

    It's a round up of the latest and greatest in the Apple iOS world

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    As (Not Yet) Seen On TV

    The guys discuss AppleTV dev kits, content blocking, and Sam and Alex get reprimanded for not sharing crash reports with developers.

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    What's with the Taco emoji

    Continuing our discussion from last week we delve a little deeper into the AppleTV

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    Adaptive UIView Agenda

    It's like June 2014 & we're talking about all of the new cool stuff from WWDC'14 except that now you can actually use it.

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    Letter Vs. Spirit of the Law

    The guys chat about 360iDev and conferences in general. They also hit on a few topics related to releasing apps including App Store Review, automating your submissions, and even prototyping apps at the beginning.

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    Don't Leave Your Kid In The Car

    This week the SharedInstance gang laments the lack of news, talks about upcoming conferences, and talks UICollectionView reordering.

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    The big [Swift] 2 0

    Big news this week for the SharedInstance Podcast.

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    Eddie Cue Button Your Shirt

    Recorded after the first day of WWDC we discuss the things we loved and didn't love so much including Eddie Cue's shirt.

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    WWDC Survival Guide

    The crew talks about their tips for surviving WWDC in San Francisco. They also include some potentially mediocre tourism advice for San Francisco.

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    Reactive Swift Native on Windows 10

    This week is a jam packed episode full of the happenings from the past week from  watches to Windows 10 to the new ReactiveCocoa 3.0 that is currently in beta.

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    Ghetto Style Swift

    The guys are joined by Josh Brown of Roadfire Software to talk about all things Swift, including whats new in 1.2 and how to introduce Swift to your codebase.

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    This is not Release Notes

    Today we're joined by Charles Perry of the Release Notes Podcast and Metakite Software. We had a great time talking to Charles about his new upcoming conference also called Release Notes.

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    Just a Snowflake in a Blue Apple Watch Snowstorm

    The guys complain/talk some more about CoreData, talk about a few lotteries(WWDC/Special Blue Developer Watch Shipping, WatchKit and Image Editors useful for Mobile

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    100% More Gordon Hughes

    After a small break we're back to our normal schedule. This week we have an interview with the illustrious Gordon Hughes talking about his experience at the Ull conference in Ireland plus more.

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    React Native Improv

    The SharedInstance gang discusses recent announcements from Facebook's F8, mainly focusing on two of Facebook's open source libraries: React Native and ComponentKit

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    Two Different Types of Hacking

    This weeks episode was about hacking. Not the black hat cyber hacking stuff but about hackathons and hackintoshes.

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    Apple Watch Edition

    This week we hit the high points of Apple's "Spring Forward" event including talk of USB3 Type C connector, new hardware, and ResearchKit... and maybe a little bit of talk about some new watch.

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    Never Gonna Give You Up

    This week we hit on a number of topics ranging from the Spring Event to Swift on other platforms to a lengthy discussion on our pics of the week. Plus there's a cool Easter egg hidden in one of our links today.

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    Everybody could use a little bit of Clippy in their Lives.

    Up this week we talk about the imminent release of the Apple Watch. Then we speculate on the Apple Car and what it might be like if Microsoft had made one. Lastly, thoughts from the diaspora of various beta distribution and crash reporting left by the demise of

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    Hopefully Better than Star Wars Episode 1

    In this episode we’re down one Alex but Sam & Alex Argo manage to discuss various topics trending in the iOS and mobile world from the past week. React Native from Facebook was first up followed by a discussion about life & revenue on the App Store. They then discuss their opinions on the new iOS Beta 5 and WatchKit. Finally a discussion around an interesting tool to help identify all of the Copy Pasta in a larger app evolved out of a couple edited awkward moments.

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