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A podcast about iOS Development from three iOS Developers based in Cincinnati, OH

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    123: Maximum Dad Joke

    The guys react to the Fall 2017 iPhone event and then discuss what you're going to have to do in order to update your apps for the iPhone X.

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    122: Basically Just Sticker Packs

    The guys do their yearly WWDC N-1 episode to remind us all what APIs/technologies you can now use if you drop support for the now 2-yeard old OS.

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    120: Oreo Eclipses

    All the news that's fit to talk about and some that isn't.

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    119: Fear of Small Holes

    The guys discuss the latest news, speculate on how iOS 11 will handle / support the new iPhone screen size / function area, and talk about the upcoming US eclipse.

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    118: SharedInstance Memo

    Conversations about the latest apple news and the infamous Google Memo.

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    117: Your Data Is Showing

    The guys talk about the recent HomePod firmware leak and dig into whether your should use a hamburger menu in your app.

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    116: You Don't Know What a Squircle Is?

    The guys discuss some of Sam's hardware woes, how the iOS 11 release is slowly creeping up on us, and talk about some other stuff too.

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