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A podcast about iOS Development from three iOS Developers based in Cincinnati, OH

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    100: Snowflake Retrospective

    It's our 100th episode and we reflect back on our tenure and debate how much further we should take the show.

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    99: Attack of the Chaos Monkey

    The guys discuss their Nintendo Switches, the S3 outage as it related to many apps, and started their "Production App Checklist" by talking about crash logging with a rather ironic finish.

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    98: Lord of the Realm Mobile Platform

    Ok maybe he isn't a lord yet but he is our special guest. Eric Maxwell from Realm gives us the low down on Realm and a new offering called Realm Mobile Platform.

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    95: An Arm Full of Band-Aids

    The guys talk about the news and discuss React Native after Artsy posted a few retrospective pieces on using it for their iOS app.

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    93: iOS App Architecture - The Tip of Iceberg

    The guys discuss Chris Lattner's awesome interview on, talk about Google acquiring Fabric from Twitter, and talk about some common iOS view-level architectures.

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    92: Buy Sell Hold '17

    In this episode we sit down and chat about the mobile technology that we think is emerging and the tech that is submerging.

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