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A podcast about iOS Development from three iOS Developers based in Cincinnati, OH

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    118: SharedInstance Memo

    Conversations about the latest apple news and the infamous Google Memo.

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    117: Your Data Is Showing

    The guys talk about the recent HomePod firmware leak and dig into whether your should use a hamburger menu in your app.

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    116: You Don't Know What a Squircle Is?

    The guys discuss some of Sam's hardware woes, how the iOS 11 release is slowly creeping up on us, and talk about some other stuff too.

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    113: WWDC Was About the Details

    The guys talk about some new hardware, including the new iPad Pros, and wander through a bunch of other topics.

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    110: Hardware of WWDC

    Could this be the year that the number of hardware announcements outweigh the software announcements?

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    109: So Jealous of Android People

    The guys react to Google I/O '17 news, Argo rambles for a while on Mobile VR, and they continue on with some more WWDC Wishlist/Predictions.

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