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A podcast about iOS Development from three iOS Developers based in Cincinnati, OH

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    90: 2016 Followup

    We had a great time revisiting our first episode of the year in which we predicted what awaited us in 2016. Sometimes we were accurate other times not so much.

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    89: My Watch Called 911 Not Me

    The guys talk about the the latest OS updates, dealing with dependencies old and new, and automated functional testing, and iOS project templates. Also, Sam accidentally calls 911.

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    88: The late edition

    Sorry for the late release. It's been crazy hectic this week.

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    87: The Brexit of Utilities

    The guys discuss Apple taking a step away from certain things (automation, displays, routers), the latest developer news, and try to figure how to cut the cord with a good cable replacement service.

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    85: Language Smells

    The guys avoid talking about the latest election results by discussing the latest in Apple developer news and migrating to Swift 3.

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    84: Touchbars for Touch Typists

    A quick round up of the latest news developments and discussion of the new MacBook Pro and how to program for the Touchbar.

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    81: It's Still Not Jarvis

    The guys talk about search ads, Google's Pixel Event, voice assistants and the controversy over Dash being removed from the app store.

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