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A podcast about iOS Development from three iOS Developers based in Cincinnati, OH

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    129: It's All Bitcoin Now Anyways

    The guys discuss iPhone X preparations, questionable investing advice, and Argo talks a little bit about a lecture he recently attended by Steve Wozniak.

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    125: Codable + JSON = Awesome

    The guys talk about the new goodies they received from Apple and then discuss the Codable protocol and JSON Parsing in Swift 4.

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    124: Notchville

    Fun talk about the preorders last week and what to do about that notch.

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    123: Maximum Dad Joke

    The guys react to the Fall 2017 iPhone event and then discuss what you're going to have to do in order to update your apps for the iPhone X.

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    122: Basically Just Sticker Packs

    The guys do their yearly WWDC N-1 episode to remind us all what APIs/technologies you can now use if you drop support for the now 2-yeard old OS.

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